About Dr. Marie-Josée Cardinal

Your Health and Nutrition Coach

For over a decade, Dr. MJ has been helping people reclaim their life with better routines, proper nutrition, and regular activity. Her proven system has helped hundreds of people lose weight and keep it off, and now she's eager to help you!

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Success in every story

Over A Decade of Commitment

Dr. MJ has built her wellness clinic through many public challenges, seminars, and individual consultations since 2012. Her dedication to her patients is rooted in her belief that to live your best life, you must take good care for your health.

focused on family

Working With Real People To Make Sustainable Changes

Dr. MJ understands the obligations you have to care for your family. That's why all of her programs are built to support real life circumstances. She has made it a focus to build plans that clients can easily follow because as a mom of two, she gets how demanding life can be.

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Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. MJ continues to practice chiropractic care by appointment only. Contact the clinic for availability.

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610 McConnell Ave
Cornwall, ON K6H 4M1

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