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Consultations & Seminars

Dr. MJ is changing habits one conversation at a time.

You can trust her direct approach to facilitate a talk with your team or work with her one-on-one for a more custom experience.

Nutrition Consultations
Bi-Annual Seminars
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Always Leading By Example

Dr. MJ doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk (or in her case runs the run). Her expert advice stems from a medical background in chiropractic and her knowledge of health and fitness is backed by years of experience. Starting a journey with Dr. MJ means changing your life.


What clients have to say about Dr. Marie-Josée Cardinal:

"I am forever grateful to you for your guidance and program. It has helped me feel so much better in my body and helped me get to a point where I will feel good about myself in my wedding dress in August!  I have more energy, sleep so much better, and just feel good overall. Thank you again!"


"Cardinal Wellness has helped me get back to feeling great and living a clean healthy lifestyle. Amazing program and experience for me!"


"Working with Dr. MJ was transformative. I was finally able to kick old habits and reclaim my life. Now, I get to have a fun wardrobe, be active with my grand children, and travel without any discomfort. I'm so grateful."